Dishwashers: After a meal which leaves your stomach full and your heart aching with a desire to do nothing but to take a short nap, the least you feel like doing is cleaning the dishes. Now you can easily let go of all that tension by bringing home a simple dishwasher, which does the dishes for you. A heckle-free life is just a button’s push away now, for our dishwashers are custom made to suit your needs and requirements.

After dissecting the kind of spices and ingredients you use while cooking, and also the utensils you employ while doing so, we have brought before you dishwashers which will make you marvel at the near perfect sparkle on the dishes once the dishwasher is done with its job. You need only select one from our complete range, while you recline on your sofa and witness our machine do the rest of the job.

Why choose us?

We Indians have a penchant for cooking with ingredients which can prove to be quite stubborn at times while giving them a rinse. Keeping this in mind and the needs of an ever burgeoning customer base, we have come up with dishwashers which have been tailor-made for the specific needs of an Indian household. We have equipped our dishwashers with state-of-the-art technology which leaves very little room for any grumbling. For instance, the material we use for putting together our dishwashers can withstand rusting for years at stretch. The Auto Program technique has a mind of its own. It adjusts the water usage, optimum temperature and rinse time for the dishes so that they come out sparkling clean.

Safety is one aspect which we choose not to compromise with. Consequently, our dishwashers have been fitted with a Control Lock system to prevent accidental program switching. This ensures that neither your kids nor anyone else can tamper with the machine. There are other features as well which make our dishwashers near irresistible. Bring home one to know our machines better.

You may now ask this question: Why must we choose a dishwasher over manual dishwashing? Let us help you out of the dilemma. A dishwasher kills around 99.9 % germs latched on to your utensils, saves your much time by outsourcing the work for you. What it also does is to save considerable amount of water as compared to manual dishwashing, where you usually let the water from the tap running while you’re done with the rinsing part. More than a fair deal, you say?

Dishwashers Types

You can either choose to bring home a built-in dishwasher for your kitchen, or a free-standing machine. It all depends on the kind of requirement you have. To set things clear, there are primarily two kinds of dishwashers. While a Built-in dishwasher is an immovable contraption and is a part and parcel of the kitchen space, a free standing machine is movable and can be placed at a convenient location of your choice. Stop wondering and call us right away to save both on your time and effort while doing the dishes.

You can also demand a brochure to get yourself acquainted more familiarly with our machine before proceeding to choose one of them.

From now on you can concentrate only on cooking while we take over the cleaning part.